Profound eating experiences in SF:

In no particular order, the eats that made me shout, "DAYUUUM." Updated on the reg.

Tomato tart from Frances with roasted fennel, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, a topping of creme fraiche with chives and parsley in a buttery crust.

Romano beans tossed in tomato jam and topped with roasted almonds also from Frances.

Israeli salad from Old Jerusalem: tomato, cucumber finely diced, topped with olive oil, hefty dose of lemon, tahini, and parsley.

Buttered old fashioned at S&R lounge. Sweet, caramelly warm. Preferably eaten with some hot nugz and ranch.

Fresh young coconut lopped off by the Dolores Park dude with dreads and then topped off with Kraken rum (or whatever the rum of the day is). Remember: sip hard and aggressive when he first hands you the coconut. That will determine how much booze you get. The man can be found carrying a giant cooler and looks like Jack Sparrow.

Pink squirrel ice cream on a cone from Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous covered in rainbow sprinkles. For the crunch and childish delight. Obviously.

Super suiza quesadilla at El Farolito, preferably drunk.

Korean fried chicken with sweet tangy sauce at Cocobang. And corn cheese. Also, preferably drunk. Actually, you could do that with most of this list tbh.

The drunk and happy meal from the Willows.

Chunks of pork chicharonnes at El Techo eaten with creamy black beans, a slew of pickled veggies, and crispy fried rind.

Lamb belly from Quince. Pink and buttery, melt-alicious.

The "HOLY SHIT" toast at Trouble Coffee. Butter, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon sugar all on that thick slab of white bread. Drippy, messy puddle of toast. Best eaten with an iced coffee.